Kalifornia Kitchen


4 stars ££/£££

Oh, you like burgers?!

Kale me maybe? 🎵🌱

Having just opened their doors last year, Kalifornia Kitchen is already kale’ing the game! Serving only the most nutritious, sustainable AND delicious food, what else can one ask for?! Say goodbye to animals products and harmful plastics and hello to healthy (not too healthy, I got you guys) food made to energise! Because #HealthyIsSexy

Sri Lankan Curry
Klassic Burger
Kale Chips
Paula’s Pecan Pie
Sticky Toffee Pudding

What we ordered:

(To view their full and extensive all-day menu click on this link)


🌴pickled shallots🌴cauliflower🌴potato🌴courgette🌴pickled mustard seeds🌴served with rice, dill oil and lime coconut yogurt

🌴 Moving Mountains B12 burger🌴guacamole🌴crispy lettuce🌴lemon mayonnaise🌴served with smoked paprika and thyme fries




🌴served with ice cream

🌴served with ice cream


My favourite curry has always been from Mildreds. I’ve said it time and time again, and have refused to budge for years. But little did I know that on this random Friday night I would find another curry of my dreams! Kalifornia Kitchen’s curry is perfectly seasoned with both the pickled mustard seeds and shallots – not to worry, the shallots are not overwhelming! The vegetables add a nice texture to the curry, and allow you to get in those five-a-days that I am so obsessed with. Perfect for those cold days when one needs a comforting, warm meal! I just wish there was more curry served with the rice!

Everyone always jokes that we should change name to burgerandbobs and in reality we do think we’ve become burger slight burger connoisseurs. Again, Moving Mountains have not disappointed. Their patties are a yes, their sauce and cheese accompanying it is a yes! We can’t wait to grab one again!

Now, as you all will have probably already worked out, I have the biggest sweet tooth. I’m simply a sucker for dessert. Therefore believe me when I say that these desserts are sweet – no exaggeration. The pie has a very sweet and creamy layer, in a perfectly cooked pastry. This is my favourite out of the two desserts. The pudding is also good, however, it is slightly too sweet for me due to the sticky syrup! I also found the pudding to be a bit dry in the middle. However, I’m glad both desserts were accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream!


With the curry coming in for £11.50 and the burger for £12.50 it is certainly a little pricey but normal London pricing! Both desserts came in for £8.50.


BLOOMSBURY: 19 Percy Street, W1T 1BZ

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