Zia Lucia


4.5 stars £-££/£££

I eat pizzas daily because I like to maintain a well-rounded diet 💪🏼😜

La Vegana

Having not realised it was match day yesterday, Amesha and I thought it was the perfect day to head on over to Zia Lucia’s Wembley location and finally check out their pizzas. Needless to say, we ended up being stuck amongst chanting and cheering fans but it was all worth it for these beauties!

La Vegana and Margherita


We are not embarrassed to say that we have now officially had pizza four days in a row. Having said that, this was our first time trying Zia Lucia and my gosh was it worth the wait!

Firstly we want to point out that you can choose your base to best suit your preference which is super convenient. You can choose from: vegetable (activated) charcoal, wholemeal, traditional and a GLUTEN-FREE base!! The charcoal base not only tastes amazing but also allows works to create a soft and lightly-crispy finish!!

Ok, but what is the point in consuming charcoal?
When consumed, activated charcoal helps detoxify the body.

Their specific vegan pizza ‘La Vegana’ has a unique taste due to the butternut squash cream base, which is certainly new for us! It adds a nice and creamy texture and almost makes eating pizza healthy (right guys?!) Our favourite part of this pizza though?! The sun-dried tomatoes which are perfectly juicy and flavoured!!

Yes, ordering their ‘Margherita’ sounds super basic, especially since there is no vegan cheese. However, the tomato sauce tastes freshly made and is so perfectly juicy! Adding the chilli on top was perfect and I would recommend you add this to any pizza you order if you like that spice. However, why even this basic pizza stood out to us is due to the charcoal base!


With the ‘La Vegana’ coming in at £8.90 and the ‘Margherita’ for £7.90 is normal London pricing! Pricing varies according to the amount of extra toppings selected!


HAMMERSMITH: 61 Blythe Rd, W14 0HP

ISLINGTON: 157 Holloway Rd, N7 8LX

WEMBLEY: Olympic Way, BoxPark Wembley, HA9 0NP

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  1. Daniel Costanzo says:

    I am Italian and only God knows how picky Italians are with food! Simply the best pizza in all London


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