Bubblewrap Waffle


 5/5 £/£££

Oh food, you sure mean a waffle lot to me❤️😋


Without ‘waffling’ on, let’s get straight to it! One of our go-to dessert destinations in Soho is @bubblewraplondon. Stay tuned to find out why!


Waffle One
Waffle Two

Vegan options we choose:


vegan carrot base, dark chocolate gelato, fresh strawberry, hazelnut and biscoff sauce


vegan carrot base, pistachio gelato, hazelnut, fresh raspberry and raspberry sauce


If the vegan scene in London couldn’t surprise and impress us anymore, along came @bubblewraplondon , who just introduced new vegan options!!

Let’s start off with a bang!! We opted for the classic combo of chocolate and strawberries and my gosh it did not disappoint! The chocolate gelato is so delicious it had us reminiscing of all the gelato we ate in Tuscany last summer. The hazelnut topping is a must, as combined with the chocolate it gave us those @vego_chocolate feels. We couldn’t really taste the biscoff sauce, but seeing as the waffle on the whole is 10/10 we can’t complain!

Pistachio gelato is very underrated so please let’s finally give it some appreciation. Combined with the hazelnut and raspberry sauce, this one is definitely perfect for those who aren’t too keen on chocolate!! (If you’re being really cheeky, ask for both gelatos in one!!)


With each waffle coming in at £6.50, with extra additions such as coming in for , we definitely think they are value for money!!


SOHO: 24 Wardour Street, W1D 6QJ



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