3.5/5 ££/£££

For chips and dips that are un-bailey-vably good 👅👅


Our walk around Soho in search for vegan gems also led us to HipChips (@wearehipchips) , home of all things chips and dips related!

Though they are not exclusively vegan, they have plenty of vegan dips available, from Baba Ghanoush to Vegan chocolate!! We also got to sample their St Patrick’s Day collab with @baileysofficial !

Some exciting news during lockdown: they are now available in Sainsburys!


In-store steps:

Pick your seasoning –
sweet: cinnamon sugar or savoury: salt

Pick your size –
small, medium or large

Pick your chips –
seasonal menu

Pick your dips –
Baileys Almande, Baba Ghanoush, Chocolate and more… (subject to change, check website for more recent additions!)


Firstly, can we appreciate the portion size (we definitely took some home as leftovers)! This is heaven for anyone who’s obsessed with potatoes.

With me loving sweet and Amesha loving savoury, we opted for half and half. However, we would definitely recommend the savoury over sweet as the savoury were sooo good! The sweet ones were slightly too sweet!

We really appreciate the number of vegan dip options available in HipChips! The top contenders will definitely have to be their Baba Ghanoush, made from smoky aubergine dip with lemony yoghurt and garlic, and their Chocolate dip.


With a small box and two dips coming in for £4.95, a medium with three dips for £6.95 and a large with SIX dips for £12.95, it is certainly value for money!! But be warned, the large size is VERY large!!


SOHO: 49 Old Compton Street, W1D 6HL


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