it’s about cluckin’ time they had vegan options 🔥😜

OUR NEW YEARS EVE FEAST: A CHEEKY NANDOS!!! There was truly no one else we wanted to spend our special evening with… when you know you know ❤️❤️

👉🏽made from pea protein, served with plant based Garlic PERinaise, lettuce and chilli jam👈🏽
🤔 really decent vegan option, which we would buy again! Really great that we can now go to Nando’s and not only have to order a salad/fries!! The ‘chicken’ pieces were nice and chewy on the outside, and well made on the inside! BUT be sure to have lots of sauce ready if you like your wraps real saucy!
💷 £6.75 or £8.75 with 1 regular side
🙋🏽 would buy again

💷 £2.60
🙋🏽 would buy again
💷 £2.60
🙋🏽 would buy again

📍 @nandosuk, @deliveroo

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