Lille is a big bustling city in northern France, a cultural hub hosting a myriad of universities and students, close to the border of Belgium and only a two hour Eurostar train ride away from London, it’s no wonder why Lille has become a popular travelling destination and my temporary home.

This year I decided to move to Lille to teach English at some universities and take a break from my previous job as a secondary school English teacher in the UK. Whereas vegan food has become as easy as finding a pub in London, the best gems scattered everywhere, I was quite sceptical about finding the same quality in Lille, and France in general. In this light, I decided to create a page where I share some of my vegan finds and review the best places to eat as a vegan in Lille.

Bon Appétit!

Amesha x


Address: 56 Rue des Stations, 59000 Lille

5/5 STARS   £/£££


This pizza place in Lille is a knead-to-know for vegans

La Quatre Saisons


A whole pizza menu dedicated to vegans



I first happened to find this hidden gem almost by accident as I was searching desperately for a good vegan place to eat in Lille during my second or third visit in the city. Pizza Jazz is a no nonsense, well priced, small restaurant with a humorous and cosy atmosphere. They not only have a full main menu dedicated to vegan pizzas but they also have vegan cheese options as add ons – I opted for the vegan parmesan and it melted brilliantly in the pizza and this may sound cheesy but I think the way Pizza Jazz thinks about us vegans is grate.

Now I bet all you sweet-tooths out there are like hey what about me? The next news will be sweet music to your ears… Pizza Jazz do a VEGAN SWEET PIZZA for dessert (I am yet to try this as my visit both times has led me to be full to my stomach and plodding along home carrying a doggy bag with the promises of next time). An updated review with the sweet pizza will be coming soon!

To conclude, if you are in Lille and looking for a charming, simplistic and cosy pizza place with vegan options and friendly customer service then look no further – let Pizza Jazz have a pizza your heart.